Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Study Part 2

Today was the second and last part of our home study! As I promised, I'm here to share how it went. And because I'm a cooking fanatic, I'll be sharing what I made on tomorrow's blog post. =)
You aren't required to make lunch or provide anything for those who asked - I just love to feed people.

So, today started off with catching up on anything that was missed or need a more detailed explanation from our last visit. Basically, we've gone over how we met, dated, got married, our work, our personalities, our friends and family, etc.

Once we were all caught up, we moved on to the individual portion of the interviews. I stepped out so that Chris could go first (that way he could get back to work). I haven't had a chance to talk to him but I would guess that his questions were similar to mine. We talked about my childhood, my childhood friends, activities I was involved in, what my parents did, discipline, moving to Arkansas and our family.

I wasn't nervous at all this time, mostly because K is so nice. It just feels like I'm talking to a friend and telling her about my life. We didn't do another walk through of the house (some of you had asked me if we would, and I didn't know the answer) or anything.

So now, K will submit her report saying ... we are approved! Yay!!!
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