Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sick Days & School

Brayden missed his first day of school today. I feel the need to document this, just like I did his first day of school, ha! He is so rarely sick! Last week I mentioned he had a stomach virus and now he seems to have a bad head cold. Poor guy. He sounds terrible and it didn't seem like a good idea to send him.

You can't tell he's sick unless you hear him try to talk!
Speaking of school, Brayden is having an absolute blast with Pre-K. He has so much fun each day. They have library time, music time, chapel time, learning time and playtime. Right now he is learning to write his letters. He gets so excited to show me his projects from that day and each week he brings home a library book for me to read to him.

Brody is so happy Brayden was here today!
Each month his school sends a book order form home. I can order books for his collection and the school gets some for their library. I've made it our tradition to sit down and pick out the books that he wants. Right now his favorites are the Berenstain Bear books. They were my favorite as a kid too!

Here's to hoping my sickie boy gets well soon!
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