Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Fashion for Under $25

While I don't claim to be a fashionista, I did work in the fashion business before becoming a SAHM. In the recent years stores have really come forward with cute, trendy clothing for a reasonable price. I don't know about you, but if I think something is a fad, I'm not willing to spend a lot of money on it. I'd rather invest that into things that will last me a really long time, like a great pair of boots, or a nice pair of jeans.

So, I thought I'd put together a post of things I've actually bought myself for the fall season. Only 2 items were no longer available online, but I found a great replacement for you.

Let's start!

First up, it's no surprise that leopard is a big trend again this year. I like it in small doses, like this scarf. I bought mine from The Blue Door Boutique this morning but they've already sold out, so here is a very similar one from Cache. It is on sale for only $19.20.

Next up - leggings/tights/jeggings. I bought this great mustard pair this morning at Target (incidentally, I went there for soy milk. I left without soy milk but with seven bags of random stuff that I didn't realize we needed. Huh.).

I also bought a pair of dark blue jeggings for $10. They aren't online yet. I tried them on and I may even use them for our family pictures in October!

Leggings: Target, $8

Tunics! I love them. They are SO forgiving. After 2 c-sections I don't think I will ever again have a completely flat stomach. I bought this one today at Target in another colorway. Mine looks awesome with my new jeggings.

Tunic: Target $22.99

I'm sure this isn't the first time you've seen skinny, colored jeans. These are actually baby wale cords. Baby wale just means that the little raised lines are small and tightly together. I purchased these online from Target a couple of weeks ago in mustard and mint. They are great with boots, and a nice way to add a splash of color!

Note: I tried the Old Navy version of these and it was like paint on my skin. Seriously, they were tighter than leggings. It works for a lot of people, I'm just not one of them, so be sure to try these on at several places. I wouldn't recommend just buying them online without trying them on!

Cords: Target $22.99

Here's another thing I bought in multiple colors, including the one pictured here. This is a jersey cargo shirt from Old Navy. I tried it on in the store and LOVED it. I ordered it in mint, royal blue and winter white. This is a flattering fit and it will go with everything, including those colored jeans/cords!

Jersey Cargo Top, Old Navy $16.50

Last but not least, here's another splash of leopard. I traded in my heels for flats when I had kids because I'm not the most coordinated person you'll ever meet, and heels while carrying a baby around would equal disaster for me. I've wanted a pair of leopard flats for the last 2 years but couldn't find one I looooooved. I stumbled upon these at Old Navy and bought them on a whim. I am SO GLAD I DID! I wear them all the time. They are seriously comfortable. I highly recommend them, especially if you just aren't sure about leopard and want to ease into it.

Flats: Old Navy, $19.94
I hope this post will help you find some great deals! What fall fashion trend are you most excited to try?

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