Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday Chris and I decided to take a daytrip up to Springfield, MO. Chris wanted to go to Bass Pro, and I wanted to go to both Babies R Us and Macaroni Grill!

When we got to Bass Pro we were really disappointed. The store is under a major remodel and a big part of why we were going there was to let BB see all the fish and waterfalls in the store. Everything was shut down except this one small aquarium:

He loves to watch the fishies!
Were going to Tulsa in a few weeks to see Chris' mom and stepdad and we'll be taking B to see the Jenks Aquarium. I can't wait!
At Babies R Us we got B a new, big boy bathtub!

He really liked it. I really like it too - I don't get totally drenched at bath time now!
We never made it to Macaroni Grill. Sadness. We'll have to do that during our trip to Tulsa!

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Clarke Life said...

I live in Springfield! Macaroni Grill is the best, too bad you didn't get a chance to go! I'm sorry for your disapointment with Bass Pro. It's supposed to be really awesome when they get done with all the remodeling and reopen Wonders Of Wildlife. It's supposed to be the only kind in the world! Ok, I feel like I'm promoting Springfield, silly me! :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

awe, how cute!

Aimee said...

Too bad Bass Pro was remodeling! My girls love that place. We went to Tulsa and went to the Jenks aquarium in June. It is so neat. The girls ask all the time when we can go back! They loved the shark tunnel! On our way back home we stopped at the Bass Pro in Broken Arrow. While it's not as big as the Springfield one it does have the water fall and the glassed in elevator to see all the wild life they have around! =)

Tim said...

You know its so funny. I say sadness ALL the time, and if you didnt know already we use to live in Tulsa!

Love and Prayers,


Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Cute...he does look like such a big boy in his bathtub! Too cute!!!

Kay said...

I love that new tub! That is now on my list of things to buy this next weekend as I finish shopping for my soon to be little one.

Have you ever tried the Lemon Supreme at Macaroni Grill? It is so delicious.

Hautemama said...

The Jenks Aquarium is awesome...and so is Macaroni Grill!
Have fun in Tulsa!

mrosev14 said...

I am sure B will love the aquarium, there is so much to look at and so many stimulating colors. The bathtub is cute, but since he is sitting up why not just move him to the regular bath? Just curious.

I <3 macaroni grill and I am so sorry you couldn't get there to eat. Yum! I love their bread.

Emily said...

He is so cute! I like the new bath tub. I bet that makes bath time so much easier.

Stephanie said...

We love going to Bass Pro Shop to see all the fish. What a neat tub!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, so fun and he is getting SO big :)

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Oh no....from the pictures it does looks like he loves to watch the fish! Too cute! He will really love Sea World one day:D Hope you guys can make it to the'll be able to take good pics!

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