Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Don't Wednesday!

Yay! It's Wednesday! Time for some "I Don'ts"...
Jenna’s Journey Blog

- I don't like the Arkansas humidity. I much prefer the dry heat of California.

- I don't like rabbits as pets. I had one once and she was terribly mean.

- I don't like to be put on the spot.

- I don't iron. Ok, maybe once in awhile. Chris is actually the ironer in our house...I know, I'm blessed.

- I don't look very good in white...probably because it matches my skin so well...I just look like a glowing ghost.

- I don't think I could go back to driving a car after having an SUV for so long. I'd feel really short!

Ok, it's your turn! Just make your own list, and link it up into MckLinky! You can snag my button for your post of for your blog if you'd like, and be sure to link back to me so your friends can participate! Have fun!


WaitingandHoping said...

I am with you on Arkansas vs. California heat! I'm from California and whenever I go back to visit my family, I can breathe so much easier and don't seem to get near as hot!

Mallory said...

I absolutely hate being put on the spot. But, for some reason, I do it to my boyfriend all the time! Maybe it's because that's the only way I can get what I want!! Love the 'I don'ts', I'm going to keep doing them!

Unknown said...

What a great idea, I am exhausted today but I think I might join in next week with some I don'ts

Laura Craig said...

I think I can agree with pretty much all of your "I Don't"'s!!! Lol!!! Especially with the heat! I am just south of you in good 'ole Louisiana. This heat is ridiculous!!! I am ready for the winter!!! I wish we had decent temps in the fall, but we don't!!! The only thing I differ from with you is I musch prefer NY!!!! Lol!!!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Just saw that you're in the promotion spot!

I really like your I Don't Wednesdays and plan to take you up on it someday :)


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