Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Razorback Game!

Today the Razorbacks were playing and it was an early game, so we decided to take a chance and take B to his first official football game.

Doesn't he look enthused?

The three of us:
At half time Daddy bought a Minute Maid strawberry ice and B just couldn't let him eat it without some help:

He got a little restless so I walked him around for awhile. When I got back I handed him to Chris and this is what happened:

Out like a light!

He had an okay time, but I won't be taking him to any night games!


oliviasmommy07 said...

So glad that it went okay taking B to the game~what a beautiful day for his first game!! And we won!! That's even better!!

Lianna Knight said...

Love it...his FIRST game :)

creative gal said...

Too cute!!

Lauren said...

Soooo fun!!!! :)

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