Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Years!

Today was Chris and my fifth wedding anniversary!

We were saying that we just can't believe it's been five years already! We are so blessed to have each other. I look forward to Chris coming home from work every single day so that we can spend the rest of the evening together as a family. To me, there is just nothing more important!

My parents kept B so that we could go out to dinner this evening. We seized the opportunity to go to a restaurant that we normally wouldn't take Brayden to just because it's a very quiet, nice place. We had a great dinner and a wonderful (chocolate) dessert!

Normally we'd go do something else fun but I'm just too tired anymore to go out! I don't even think I'd make it through a movie! So we decided to just have a low key evening catching up on DVR'ed shows. Hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow so we can go to the pumpkin patch - I know, I know, we've gone to two already but we want to take Brayden back to the big one that we went to last year!
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