Thursday, October 21, 2010

MOPS Day Out

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Yesterday our MOPS group met up at a local pumpkin patch so that our kiddos could get together and have a fun day out!

My friends were very proud of me for not getting lost on the way there. I think it was a first. I seriously get lost everywhere that I go. It's quite sad. Haha!

They had a version of the cow train though it didn't really look anything like cows and it was pulled by a 4wheeler. Unlike last time, Brayden did not do well. He's below in the second "cow" with my friend Heather's son. They had to stop the "train" so that I could go get him. Poor baby!

After that fiasco, we moved onto an activity that he preferred - digging through corn kernels for prizes. Can you spot Brayden? Yeah...he's the one trying to eat the corn. Hehe! It's okay though he wasn't alone! After this shot he figured out that the object was to look for prizes, not eat the kernels!

They had this neat rope swing for the older kids. Brayden thinks that just because he's about to be a big brother that he qualifies as an "older kid." The hay was stacked a couple of feet up off the ground and I couldn't climb up to take him so we were going to skip it but these two nice women that work at the patch volunteered, so I let him go in! He LOVED it. I think this is where we spent the majority of our time!

After that we went on a hay ride - perhaps not the best idea when you are 34 weeks pregnant. Honestly, it wasn't too bad or too bumpy but I should have thought about it a little more before I hopped into the trailer.

And finally it was time to pick a pumpkin. I let Bman choose his own - it may not have been the most perfect looking pumpkin but it was the one he wanted and that makes it perfect and special to me!

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