Friday, October 15, 2010

Lunch with Whitney & Melissa

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So today B and I drove down to meet Whitney and Melissa for lunch at one of my favorite spots - the Flying Burrito!

Brayden fell in love with Whitney - I think she probably ended up holding him 90% of the time we were there! He kept telling her "Up, Up!" meaning, pick me up!

It was so nice to finally meet Whitney - we talk on twitter all of the time so I felt like I knew her and it was great to see Melissa and little C! I met Melissa last year at MOPS and now she is my table leader (at MOPS) and we go to a playgroup together!

We had such a fun time chatting that I didn't realize we'd been there over two hours! It took us awhile to get home because of the horrendous craft fair traffic! Tonight we have some fun plans and we will be celebrating Chris' birthday again - this time with his mom and step dad.
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