Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is Chris' birthday! He finally caught up with me (in age)!

We went out to dinner with my family at Bonefish - yum! I love their cajun chicken egg rolls! I actually don't eat fish/anything that comes out of water but Chris loves fish!

He requested carrot cake for dessert. It's one of the few cakes that I've never made and the only recipe I knew of was one my grandmother had (she passed away when I was 3). My mom had it and gave it to me so that's what I made. It turned out pretty good but I doubt as good as when she used to make it!

After that it was present time. I got Chris a "nice gift" but it hasn't arrived yet so I thought I'd get him something to open in the meantime.

Chris hates the Snuggi commercials. He makes fun of them every.single.time they come on. If we see them in a store he jokes about them. So what better gift to give him?

A Razorback Snuggi!
And....we have a convert!
He is secretly loving this thing. Seriously, it's a genius idea! Even Brayden put it on and walked around in it! I tried it too and it really is comfortable!

Happy birthday babe! You're the best husband and father! I love you!
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