Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch #1

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Yesterday we met up with some friends from one of our playgroups and went to visit a local pumpkin patch!

They had a petting zoo, a corn maze, a corn cannon, a cow train and of course pumpkins.

Brayden thought the goats resembled one of our dogs and kept going up and petting them and calling them "Bah" which is what he calls Buster!
Once everyone got there we put the kids on the cow train. Here's Brayden, Reid and Lilly:
And Brody, Stella and Cilla:
And here's who made it back still on the ride! Just Brody and Brayden! I guess the cow train was a little too scary!
Brayden wanted to "drive" the tractor and kept pointing to it and saying "Vroom, Vroom!!" so we had to take a picture of him!
We ended up not going to get a pumpkin this time because you had to take a ride back to get them and I'm way to pregnant for that! But that's okay because we have a pumpkin patch trip planned this week with our MOPS group and then next weekend we will go with my family to take Brayden back to the pumpkin patch we went to last year (it's huge). So he will not be missing out!

We had such a fun time yesterday!
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