Sunday, October 24, 2010

Final Visit...

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Thanks for all the anniversary wishes! We had a wonderful night out (and in, watching TV!).

Yesterday we went to the final pumpkin patch on our list - the same one we took Brayden to last year. It was pouring down rain but when I get an idea in my head, we usually go through with it. My mom spent most of the car drive trying to convince me that we shouldn't go and by the time we got there she had partially won - we decided that I wouldn't get out of the car since I'm still sick and I really don't want to get any worse!

My Dad got out to take pictures while Chris and B picked out a pumpkin. Rather, Brayden picked a pumpkin while Chris kept him from getting wet.

I haven't uploaded all the pictures yet because I've been super, super tired, but this is one Chris had on his iPad and he did some creative stuff with the coloring. I thought it was really cute!

Going to this pumpkin patch is one of the traditions we started so I'm really glad that we made it out there again this year!
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