Monday, March 21, 2011

The Big Update

I keep forgetting to include a chiropractor update and I've been trying to reply to your tweets/emails/comments individually but it'll be easier to just post it here!

Thus far, we've gone three times. I wrote a post after the first visit here. We noticed a difference right away though I've heard from other people who've gone that it's taken them a few visits. I think in our case Brody's reflux was soooo bad that it was easy to notice any change. He went from literally crying all hours of the day to actually being fairly happy!

Now originally, I blogged that we were going to go once a week. However, last Sunday night I changed my mind and took him in again Monday and then Thursday (visits 2 and 3). Monday he only had 1 small area out and Thursday he had 1 in his back and 1 in his neck.

Each time, he was easily adjusted. He really loves Dr. M - I think he realizes that he makes him feel better! Ha! He doesn't cry he just stares and him and smiles and coos. It's pretty sweet.

Wednesday night we were at church and when we picked Brody up the girls were asking us what had happened to him because they noticed such a HUGE difference in his demeanor! If that doesn't tell you how much of a difference this has made I don't know what will! Ha!

So the plan is for me to continue taking him once a week.

Also - I noticed that he still cried every time he was in the carseat. I asked Dr. M if he could inspect the seat and he decided to remove the back support (not the head support, this is a piece that goes under his rear and lower back) because he thought it was putting pressure right on that critical area. He pulled it out (it's a separate piece from the seat and fully removable) and I've noticed a really big difference on our car riding experiences! So, double yay!

So that's the update. If I missed anything or you have a specific question leave it in the comments and I can reply right back to you there - it will email you my reply!
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