Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Funday

Today was one of my favorite times of the week: Playgroup!

We went to my friend Rebekah's house today to let the kids (okay, and adults) hang out.

Brody and Trevor were having a little meeting of the minds:

Here's Brayden, Hannah and Cilla eating lunch:
And sweet Jillian and Trevor:
The only pictures I got of the big boys were of their backs as they were running away, ha!

We had a nice lunch and hung out and visited for awhile. Once we got back home I put the boys down for their nap (I am SO glad they sleep at the same time!) and was able to get a few things ready for a shower that Jennifer, Jill, Sara and I are throwing tomorrow for Melissa. I've got a few recipes to share later on as well! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Friday afternoon!
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