Monday, March 14, 2011

Chris' Baptism

I mentioned that Sunday was going to be a special day - and it's because Chris got baptized!

As you might know, we're Baptists. We believe that there is a order to how things are done - first, you publicly acknowledge your personal commitment with Christ, something he did several years ago. After that, (which is sometimes referred to as "going forward") we follow through in Believer's Baptism. It's an outward profession of a personal commitment - saying that you've died to your old self and are now living for Christ.

Since we've moved to our new church, our pastor has preached quite a bit on baptism, and Chris realized that he needed to be obedient and follow through with baptism.

So yesterday was the day!



My parents and Chris' mom and stepdad joined us for church so they could watch the baptism. Afterwards, we all went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch, and our friends Sara and Matt joined us.

On another note, I've gotten so many emails and tweets asking about Brody every day! So, here's a brief update for you. I decided to take him back to the chiropractor today, even though we've got an appointment on Thursday. My thought process is that when I have something really "out" in my back or neck, I usually have to go several times to get it to stay in place. So, in an effort to hurry this process along for Brody and provide him more continual relief, we went back in today. He had one disc out in his back which was easily adjusted. We've been home for a few hours and he's just been so happy again! He was even good in his dreaded carseat on the way home! I have seriously never met or heard of a baby who hates his carseat quite like Brody does! I'll keep updating!
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