Monday, March 28, 2011

Brody & Brayden

I tried to think of a title for this post but they were all too long. Originally it was called "Brody's favorite thing and Sweetness." Then it was "Brody's favorite thing and Sweet Brothers." Then it was "Brody's favorite thing and My sweet boy." Basically, it got longer and longer so now it's just "Brody and Brayden." Yep, that sums it up.

I ordered Brody a taggie blanket from She She Made and it arrived a few days ago. Brody LOVES to hold things and put them in his mouth. Brayden never, ever did! So of course, Brayden had a ton of lovies with his name embroidered on them while Brody had none! So I got him his own and he LOVES it. We take it everywhere with us and it makes him so happy!

And this is just random, but today Brayden decided he wanted to sit in Brody's superseat. I'm not a bumbo fan, but we love the superseat. So, he sat down and started demanding to hold Brody. Now I know neither of them are looking at me but I just had to post this because it's just a funny picture. They look like they are the same size!~

I took 70 pictures last night of my boys dressed alike. They were SO cute. And then I uploaded them and found out that I accidentally switched my settings and none of the pictures turned out!! Ugh!!

And for those who asked, yes I've turned into a Picnik addict. And yes, I decided to buy the subscription that I didn't see the point in before. Ha!! =)
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