Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brody's 1st visit to the Chiropractor

So I was talking to several of you on Twitter last night about chiropractic treatment for infants with reflux and I was surprised at how many of you have either taken your infant or know someone who has - AND that almost all of you said that it really helped or even "cured" your baby of their reflux! I did some research on the internet and combined with what I learned on Twitter I decided I was going to make Brody an appointment.

Brody before his appointment:

Doesn't it look funny to see a little baby getting adjusted?!
One more!
We've gone to Dr. M for years, so we felt very confident in his abilities. He said that he has treated a lot of babies for reflux and generally it's a mid-back problem (for those of you who speak chiro language, T5-T7). Brody had both T5 and T7 out as well as something in his neck. The plan is to take him once a week for 4 weeks.

I'll keep you all posted! We are praying this will help Brody!
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