Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Fun!

Today we went to a fun birthday party for Brayden's friend Cilla!

Here's the sweet birthday girl and her momma Rebekah:

And my little Bman sees his "Sawah" and wants nothing to do with me:

Brodster took a nap on Daddy:
And here's sweet Miss Jillian and Jennifer:
And cutie boy Trevor and my friend Lisa:
When we first walked in the door, Brayden spotted Rebekah's mom - whom he'd never met - and ran up to her and asked her to pick him up! Silly boy!

These are all the pics I got before my battery kicked the bucket!

We had such a fun time visiting with friends and letting Brayden run around and burn some energy!

Tonight we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants: Abuelos! Guacamole time! And tomorrow is a very special day for us - I'll share about that later!

And off topic - but I received an email from a reader who nominated me for a blog award. You can check out the blogs nominated by clicking here. You can vote for a blogger or nominate one! Sorting alphabetically seems to be the easiest way to look through the nominees!
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