Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was a busy Tuesday!

Our days always start with me making fresh pancakes for Brayden. He loves them!

Then the boys and I packed up to go to Target. I have Brody's prevacid filled there since my regular pharmacy doesn't do compound prescriptions (which I'm guessing just means stuff they have to mix and let sit).

I printed out a few coupons to take with me and I got all of this:

for $25.11. The total before coupons was over $45.00 so that was pretty good!

(3 Father's day cards, 2 mayo's, 2 Chewy bars, 1 lemonade mix, 2 bodywashes, 2 Lipton decaf teas, 2 men's Degree and 1 box of wipes.)

The best deals were the deodorant (one was free, the other was $1.59) and the wipes (I paid less than .50 cents for the box).

Brayden was a very good boy so I rewarded him with Chickfila. I always get the Southwest Salad with ranch but when I got home I noticed they had given me spicy dressing (ironic as I was just telling Chris that they never mess up my order). I used maybe 1/4 of the packet because it was so darn hot! I'm going to get that from now on! Less dressing = less calories!

When Chris got home we went to Walgreens. That was a HORRIBLE experience. My store has decided to limit you to 1 transaction per household. They got an email from me when we got home. More on that later...

Then we went out to play!

My boys love to swing!

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