Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

Today was Father's Day!

I started out the day by making Chris chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon. Then, when the boys got up they gave him their gifts. We'd already given him his big gift so today were gifts from the kids. First, there was a Daddy questionnaire I found online - I asked Brayden the questions and his answers were so funny! Chris loved it. Next was a picture he colored, and then finally, I gave him this:

I found the idea on Pinterest. I traced all of our hands and then framed the cutouts. He LOVED it!

After all that we headed to church and then went to Red Robin for lunch. Here's us after all of that:

This evening we grilled out. We'll celebrate with my parents in a few days since they were out of town! I'm so thankful for a wonderful father who is a great example of what a Dad should be, and so thankful for Chris who is the best husband and father. I love you both!
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