Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun with Friends: Our Weekend

I mentioned that our friend Melissa is moving away. Well, Friday we had a farewell playgroup for her at Sara's house!

It was a swim playgroup but I guess I only half read the email because we showed us sans swimwear. Oops. Thankfully, Sara had something Brayden could wear - too bad it was AFTER he dove into the pool fully clothed!

A big thanks to my friend Brittany (she is blogless but we are working on that!) for sending me all these pictures! I forgot my camera!

Here's Brittany's son Xander with Brody. It was so cute - they were watching the bigger kids through the window.

Sara is great at doing crafty things with kids and she came up with the idea to paint the kids hands, and then stamp it onto a canvas for Melissa's son to take with them when the move. It turned out so cute!

(Sidenote: I'm sure Sara is tired of hearing me say this, but doesn't she look like Ginnfer Goodwin?!)

Saturday we decided to go to a larger famers market about 30 minutes from us. It was a bust - I was looking for some already started lettuce plants but they didn't have any. Afterwards, we met Brittany, her husband James and Xander at a grilled cheese place - SO good!

Does anyone grow lettuce? The seed packs said it takes 90 days - but on some of the other stuff I've grown, that has been wrong. Does it really take 90 days?
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