Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jenn gets crafty!

Lately I've been in a crafting sort of mood. I figured I should document it. Ha!

I've been meaning to finish it up. I saw this idea on a blog awhile ago (and lost the link...if you see it let me know so I can give credit!) and wanted to try it out. I had Chris get me a piece of wood, spray painted it, and then stenciled SUMMER on it. Then we drilled two holes, used floral wire and attached it to the wreath!
For the BBQ, I wanted something cuter than a plain cup to hold the plastic silverware. So I took 2 old formula cans and cleaned them out.

Then I cut 2 stripes from the inside of a paper bag to be the right length and hot glued it to the cans. I used chip clips to hold it in place.

Next I recycled some old ribbon from Brayden's first birthday party, and attached it for a little color!

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