Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farmers Market Saturday

I've been wanting to go to our farmers market for awhile but on Saturday we usually are pretty slow at getting around. Today Brody slept until 8 and Brayden slept until 9, but Chris and I managed to get up and have their breakfast and clothes ready to go, so we made it in time!

They hold our market at the town square:

And we got a lot of goodies! I bought lettuce, chives, fingerling potatoes and garlic and Chris bought some all natural, grass fed beef (brisket & ribs - to smoke, of course).

We are now hooked and can't wait for next Saturday! There's a bigger market about 25 minutes or so from us that we might go checkout soon too!

I'm still checking comments on the Pinterest post - if you need an invite just leave a comment.
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