Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY: Highchair Birthday Ribbon

I've had a couple of emails asking how we made Brody's highchair ribbon thingy. That's the technical term.

It's SO easy. It took us less than 10 minutes to do this.

The secret is the tape.

What you'll need:

Scotch Brand double sided FOAM tape
Ribbon - I used 6 different kinds. Be sure to have a thick ribbon for the band at the top.

Measure your high chair. This highchair is actually mine and my brothers from when we were babies. It stays at our cabin and so I wasn't able to measure it exactly, but I guessed and it turned out fine.

Cut your foam tape into workable strips. I cut mine into 12" lengths.

Measure and cut your one piece of ribbon for the top band. Flip it over to the pretty side is face down on your table. Start with one piece of your foam tape. Put it in the middle of your ribbon and then peel the backing off.

From there, cut your strips of ribbon to the desired length. Again, I didn't measure, because I didn't want them to be super uniform looking. Place the ribbon, pretty side down, onto the tape.

Continue until you are done! It's the easiest decoration we did and one of the cutest!
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