Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fried Rice

This isn't my real post today but I have a question...

Do you have a good fried rice recipe? I really want to learn how to make it like they make it at Shoguns! If you've got one, leave it in my comments!



tara said...

Hi Jenna! This is probably a very lazy answer, but Knorr (formerly Lipton) has a really good teriyaki fried rice if you can't find the recipe you're looking for. Also try doing a search on, i've always had great luck on there. good luck!

Amber. said...

This recipe is from my recipe blog. Check it out here if you'd like:

2-3 Eggs
Minute Rice, 2 cups
1 – 2 cups Peas & Carrots, frozen
Soya Sauce, to taste
Olive Oil

Follow directions on Minute Rice box and get the rice started. Take a pan, let it get nice and hot and put a little oil in. Beat the eggs lightly and add half of the mixture to the pan, flipping only once. Take eggs out of pan, set aside. Do the same with the second half of the mixture. Rinse out pan, add veggies and some water and cook them. Strain veggies, set aside. Put a little bit of oil in the pan and put in rice & soya sauce - fry for a couple of minutes. Add peas & carrot and cut up egg into little pieces and add egg. Mix and let it fry altogether and add salt & pepper if desired. You can also add cooked chicken, beef or shrimp.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I wish I new how to make fried rice!

Amanda Ledford said...

I have another lazy, cheater kind of answer, but Chicken Helper has an AWESOME fried rice. It is great on those nights that you really don't want to cook.

Kristy said...

I go the Chicken Helper route, too!! And it is so yummy!!! =)
But I've never been to Shoguns, so I don't know if it's the same!!

Mrs. Sugarbear said...

Fried rice is pretty easy... you just need a really hot pan, (wok would be good, but not necessary) and the right kind of rice. I would definitely suggest using leftover, or day old rice.

1.start off with some oil in the pan. heat it up.
2.stir fry the veggies first until tender, whatever you like in it. I think Shogun uses onion, peas, carrots, mushrooms, and zucchini. I like bean sprouts too.
3. Season veggies- garlic powder, soy sauce, a little sesame oil (dark is more intense), and sesame seeds. (my favorite part of Shogun rice). Set the veggies aside.
4. Fry the rice, season it as you do the veggies. I like extra sesame. It'll start to turn brown. Yummy.
5. Fry an egg, chop it up. Add it to the rice. Add the rest of the veggies. Eat. Extra yummy.

Good stuff. Very quick to make. You cna throw just about anything in it too...

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

I like to make my rice in the morning - it keeps it from getting sticky/clumpy. We marinate our chicken in a KC Masterpiece terakyi sauce, which is really good. I cook the egg, veggies & chicken before hand, then do the rice like the other posts said, adding everything else at the end. It's an easy, quick meal!

Amanda said...

I use the Chicken Helper Fried Rice. It's yummy!!

Jodi said...

Not really a recipe, but this is how I do mine:

Toast instant brown rice for a few minutes in some olive oil, then cook according to package directions in chicken stock instead of water (as much as you want). Meanwhile, saute diced onion and other veggies and/or meat. In same pan, scramble 1 egg per cup of dry rice. Add cooked rice and toss around with some teryaki sauce to taste (I use Veri Veri Teryaki). Yum!

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