Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Don't Wednesday!

It's that time again! I Don't Wednesday!

Jenna’s Journey Blog

- I don't eat seafood...if it comes out of water forget it. I prefer my land animals!

- I don't like the colors red and yellow together. Like on looks like ketchup and mustard!

- I don't like scary movies. I think the last one I watched was 13 Ghosts years ago. I still have nightmares!

- Speaking of movies, I don't watch sad ones either. With the exception of Steel Magnolias.

- I don't run. Unless being chased by someone wielding a gun.

- I don't talk very loudly. Apparently. Chris is always telling me to speak up.

Want to get in on the I Don't fun? Simple!

Just write your post, attach the I Don't logo on it, link back to me and enter your info into MckLinky!


The Allens said...

These are fun posts! I don't wathc scary movies, either! I get the willies just thinking about them!

Annie said...

i don't like scary movies at all either!
love steel magnolias!

Lauren said...

I love this, such a GREAT way to learn more about you : )

Raquel said...

how fun! i wanted to do this last week and kept forgettig i am going to do it right now...

Brooke said...

We are a lot a like! I HATE scary movies. The last one I saw was the Ring. I also HATE seafood. I do eat tuna occasionally though. :)

Tara Gibson said...

i dont like scary movies either!

Lucy and Ethel said...

This is really fun; some day I'll join in!


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