Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shots - 6 month Dr visit

Today Brayden had his 6 month check up.

I had a lonnnng list of things to go over with the doctor. One question I had is about the cyst that the neonatologist at ACH had found on his brain. Remember that? I decided not to let them do the MRI because the risks were too high?

Well, Dr. H seemed fairly unconcerned. He said that B's development is right on track and he isn't showing signs of delay. I also asked if it could be hereditary...several years ago I had an MRI and and MRA done on my brain because of my migraines. He said that they absolutely can be genetic and seemed possibly more unconcerned after I said that.

He did say that I could get a referral from him to go to a neurologist about 30 min's away to have an extensive evaluation. At this point I think we are going to hold off.

Here's a pic of him playing earlier:

He did very well with his shots...he cried when they gave him the shot but once it was over and I gave him a big hug he was fine. Such a good boy!
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Lea Liz said...

Glad everything checked out okay!!!!!!!!!!!

Lianna Knight said...

So glad that everything turned out fine. Keeping that sweetheart in my prayers :)

Jenifer said...

Happy 6 months and Iam glad the check up when good

Al's World said...

Glad everything went well!!! I have been meaning to comment that my daughter did not crawl until she almost a year and now at 14 months is days away from walking. I had a HARD time not playing the comparing game, hang in there, you are a wonderful mommy!

Linds said...

ok, I have to come out of the blog stalking closet... Ive been following your blog since Brayden was in the hospital. I was wondering where you got your paci clip? We got those in the hospital with my Brayden and my husband has been wanting to switch paci brands b/c we didn't have a clip to use. Glad Brayden's appointment went well!

Kelly said...

We had a MRI with harper and all it did was cause me stress because they said her brain might be abnormal. Brayden is perfect. I wouldn't worry at all.

Lauren Kelly said...

I'm so glad that Brayden is a thriving and healthy little boy!

Holly said...

I have followed your blog since Brayden's arrival and just to put you at ease... at my 20 wk sonogram 2 cyst were found on my daughter's brain. We were refered out to a "high risk" Dr. and she was born healthy and normal. When she was 2 days old her pedi. called for an MRI and cyst are still there. She is as normal as can be and on track developmentally. I stressed about it forever. I personally think that now with the new technology more things are being discovered and this one just happens to be innocent!! :)
Brayden's a charmer!!

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