Monday, August 24, 2009

You Ask, I Answer PART 2

I thought I'd do another edition of you asked, I answer. So I picked several of the most asked questions and here are your answers!

- Can you give those of us who didn't know about Brayden's story an overview? I'll do my best. Brayden is our miracle baby for more reasons than one. First, it took us two years to have him, following 1 year of infertility treatments (9 cycles of clomid, 3 or 4 of femara, 4 IUIs with injectibles, HSG, Laparoscopy surgery etc...) and we were told that IVF was our only option. you can see they were wrong.

So I had a fairly rough pregnancy, then an induction then a c-sec. Brayden was taken immediately up to the nursery - I think I saw him for 5 seconds or less. I was taken to recovery. By the time I got up there he was under this thing that looks like a clear helmet that circulates oxygen. The next morning the pediatrician came in and said that he thought something was wrong with B's lungs and wanted to send him to a hospital 25 mins away that has a NICU. Keep in mind that I haven't so much as held him. They sent him by ambulance. B's oxygen numbers started to drop...a normal person's oxygen number is 99 or 100. B's got down into the 40's which is VERY bad. He was maxed out on a ventilator and they couldn't do more for him. Then did an echo cardiogram on his heart and found that B had PPHN - meaning he was circulating blood like he was still in the womb and not converting it from blue to red.

They flew him to Little Rock (Arkansas Children's Hospital or ACH) and I checked out of the hospital (24 hrs after delivery) and we drove down there. He was there for 33 days (total of 35 in the hospital). My parents, Chris and I moved into a hotel and we were there everyday with him. Long story short, the amazing doctors were able to help him and Brayden broke records down there for his fast recovery. God works in amazing ways and we were so blessed to be there. I think God used us in a mighty way to spread His Word down at ACH. Chris and I even got to speak on the radio and share B's testimony which was awesome.

- Why did Brayden have PPHN? In Brayden's case there was no cause. PPHN strikes 1% of babies, primarily white males. In some cases they have linked it to moms who take anti-depressants while pregnant (I've never taken them). In our case, there was no cause.

- How old is Chris/aka did you rob the cradle? Ha! This cracks me up. I am 3 months older than Chris, so if that's robbing the cradle, then yes!

- When/how did you meet Chris and get married? I actually knew Chris in high school - we were in the same math class. We started dating 2 years after I graduated and we were married in October of 2005.

- What convertible carseat did you get? Well, I think I've changed my mind so right now the answer is TBD.

- Does Brayden smile 24/7? Because he always has a smile in all of his pics! NO! He doesn't! BUT he is a ham! A total ham who sees a camera and knows what to do. I am in trouble...

- What kind of paci does B use? I can't seem to find one like it anywhere! At ACH they gave him the "gumdrop" paci and now he refuses to take anything else! I have to order them from Hawaii! No worries though, it's not expensive. They are so neat, you can see inside their mouth while they are sucking.

- The most asked question by far is what does Chris do for a living? Wow, I had no idea so many of you were interested in that! But for now, I'm keeping that one personal! Sometime in the future I may tell ya though!

Thanks for emailing me your questions!


Emily said...

Wow, I am shocked that you didn't answer the most asked question from your readers, what kind of blogger are you? (kidding) You know, people are probably going to think Chris does one of the following for a living: 1. Works for the CIA or 2. Works as an exotic male dancer. (I AM TOTALLY KIDDING!!)
I am 16 days older than my husband and there are days when I feel like I definitely robbed the cradle (he can act like such a child sometimes) ha!

Jessica said...

I'm pretty convinced that he is either an exotic male dancer or a photographer for playboy. ha! TOTALLY KIDDING TOO. =)

Meg said...

Haha, I thought like Emily--Chris must be a Chip and Dale dancer. :)

B is definitely a HAM. He is the cutest little boy.

Anonymous said...

I loved getting to read the answers to all of your most frequently asked ?s! B is such a miracle baby & a dang cute one at that! I'm laughing at everyone's guesses for Chris's occupation...I highly doubt any of those because he looks pretty professional. Also cracks me up that people ask if you robbed the cradle...ya'll both look young to me!

J. Peterson said...

Chris is cute. cute. cute. You know he's a male dancer.

Ok, I hope we are at least making him laugh.

But, he is cute.

Wendy said...

Great Q&A! What a scary experience for you guys!! God definitely works in mysterious ways!

I'm 4 months older than my husband and our dentist called me a cradle robber!?!? My husband always says those are his favorite 4 months of the year. Oh, and I was thinking male dancer, too for sure!! ;) Won't he just be so flattered??

Anonymous said...

Well you made me super curious so I just had to google your husband's name and see what he did. Google tells all! Im sure your readers were curious since you are a SAHM and still have what seems to be a nice house, you vacation a lot, buy nice things etc... Everyone would like to be in the same position im sure! And you go out to eat A LOT!

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