Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Day of School!!

I have a lot to catch up since we were on vacation last week, but before I get to all that, today was Brayden's first day of school!

I can't believe my sweet boy is old enough for preschool. Originally, we weren't going to put him in until he was four but he is ready NOW! Ha! Brayden is very smart and craves education and social interaction, so we decided to put him in for 2 days a week. He has been so, so, SO excited!

Here he is wearing his "Most Likely To Succeed" tee:
Look at Brody's face - he has no idea what is about to happen!
My big boy and I:
Chris and B:

I don't pick him up for a few more hours, but I know he's doing well! I was "Snack Mom" today so I made mini 4 Ingredient Muffins (not 5 because I left out the caramel) for the class.

I also found out that I'm a Homeroom Mom and I'll be planning or helping with the big Christmas party/production and the End of the Year party. Thankfully, I can take Brody to school with me on those days. I'm sure he will love that! Speaking of Brody, he's been a little confused but I think he is really enjoying this one-on-one time with me!

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