Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Post: Fall Fashion from Rachel at Suburban Strut

Hi y'all! My name is Rachel! I am a full time working mother of three kids (Claire 8, Owen 6, and Bree 3).

I blog about our family life over at Footballs and Crowns and you will find many pictures and funny stories about our family of five. My newest project is Suburban Strut!

Suburban Strut is a style blog for the everyday mother and woman that wants to look fabulous in her realistic everyday life, even if she is not a size 2 and feels like a hot mess! I love a good fashion blog, but sometimes I feel like I cannot relate and wanted to fill that void for other mamas that feel the same way. The blog is fun and I never take it too seriously. I just want to inspire other women to feel great about themselves and see how beautiful the Lord made them.

I am so excited Jenna asked me to blog for her today. We are going to talk Fall Transition fashion. Right now, so many women are saying "I have no idea what to wear this time of year!". I can help you. The easiest way to start transitioning is to embrace your inner feline and buy some leopard!

Leopard is a great versatile print that goes with almost every color. It is warm and can instantly transition your outfit into Fall. I am not saying to wear a head to toe leopard outfit, but to add it with accessories and such to your current outfits. The easiest two ways to add it is in scarves and flats!

The thing I preach all the time over at Suburban Strut is fashion should be easy and carefree. The key is to look effortless. I am a big believer in versatile pieces that can be switched out with accessories and look like a different outfit every time. Items like cardigans, colored jeans, v-neck solid tees, and solid maxi dresses are at the top of my list. Take these pieces that you were wearing this summer, add a leopard scarf or leopard flats and it will look Fall-ish (made up that word :) ). For example:

You might have worn this outfit this Summer with sandals:

Switch out the necklace for the scarf, add some flats or Toms and instantly you have "Fall" even with the summer colors. The key is to tone down the colors so that they are not "bright". Add a black cardi too if you still want to tone it down.

That is my favorite leopard scarf and it can be found here at F21 for $6.80! Leopard scarves are everywhere though.

You can also start wearing leopard flats with practically everything. They are everywhere as well, but here is a cute pair from Target here!

Try to find a pair with both black and brown so you can wear with everything. I would not recommend wearing leopard flats and a leopard scarf at the same time. Don't try to be too matchy. Add leopard to the colors you are wearing, don't try to match to the leopard. This is easy so don't over complicate it. Like I said, fashion should be effortless, so keep it effortless :). If wearing leopard makes you feel a little self conscious or a bit much, try a solid camel scarf. I wrote all about that very versatile color here on the blog.

Now as I always do on Suburban Strut - here are pics of me wearing leopard lately for example...

The left two pics, I am wearing my leopard scarf and the right two, rocking the flats.

I wrote a post all about my favorite Fall Transition items here if you want to check it out! Leopard is a great start and you will feel chic and stylish immediately!

Hope you hop on over and check out my other posts at Suburban Strut! While you are there, look the top right on the sidebar and you can follow me Instagram, twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest too!

Thanks Jenna!
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