Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Big Announcement

I have some biiiiiig news to share!

We are adopting!!!

I should say we are hoping to adopt. We've just begun the process but I want to document it here. I have wanted to adopt since I was a kid and after 7 prayerful years, Chris and I have decided the time is right. We are hoping to adopt a little girl domestically!

I began reading through adoption blogs and I found that everyone was using an agency. Chris and I contacted a few agencies but we didn't feel like it was a good fit. We also looked into fostering to adopt, but Arkansas isn't taking any applications for the adoption of children under 5 right now.

Then we found out that a local attorney here does adoptions privately. He is well known and respected in the adoption community and we met him for the first time last night. We ended up being at his office for four and a half hours! We felt like he was the perfect fit for us. Since I didn't find any blogs who are using a private attorney, I'll probably share about our experience here for anyone who might want to learn about that route for adoption.

Next up, we will be preparing for our home study. If you have been through one, I'd love to hear about your experience!

Chris and I are so excited to begin this process! Were going to be spreading the word, so feel free to grab our button and help us on our path to adopting!

I don't have one with the code you can grab because I don't know how to do that, but feel free to add this to your sidebar as an image with my url as the HTML code! Just go to Design, Add a Gadget, Picture, upload this pic and add my link!

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