Friday, July 10, 2009

What's Your Take? I'm finally bringing this up...

First, thanks to everyone who reassured me on B! I feel better now!

I've noticed that you all love sharing your opinion - just like me! We had a lively discussion over Jon and/or Kate +8 amongst other things.

So, what is your take on the Michael Jackson drama?

Personally, I'm no longer sure that he did the things that everyone says that he did. There are good points on both sides...for example, if your child had been abused would you take a payoff or not stop until the person was in jail? I know that I wouldn't rest until they were behind bars.

The funeral...well, again, people seem very divided. I think that he contributed a lot to music(personally, I love Thriller and Bad). I think a lot of people felt some sort of emotional tie to him. But I didn't understand why people who had never met him, or who hadn't seen him in 20 years were chosen as the speakers? When little Paris spoke, I cried. How sad. I think that her small speech gave us an insight into his life that he kept so guarded.

What are your thoughts? And while were at it, what was your fav MJ song?


Annette said...

Well I get to be the first to post!! MJ was a big part of my teenage years and even early on when he was in the Jackson 5. Anyway, I feel the same as you on the things he was accused of. Another thing is there was a recording of that boys dad saying "I will win big on this" or something along those lines. So I guess as long as he got paid it was ok that MJ not go to jail.
Yeah the memorial was unusual (I didn't watch the whole thing) but the Jackson family seemed to be united which is what his children need. I haven't heard the outcome on todays custody hearing yet, I have been watching the Foodnetwork. Guess I will try to catch up on that news.

Shari said...

I never liked MJ! I don't know if the allegations about him are true. Only God knows this and MJ had to answer to God just like we will someday. I do know that I think it's very sad where it's possible he is spending eternity and that makes my heart very sad. He was a mixed up guy with a lot of problems. Sad all the way around. It's sad that more people watched his funeral than we have true born again Christians in the United States.

Aimee said...

I've never commented on your blog but I just had to on this. =)

I was never really a MJ fan but I found the whole memorial to be a little strange and over the top. Did you see the bill it ended up costing the LA police department? I also find it sad that so many people tuned into this memorial and they aired it on every station all day but we don't hear about how many soldiers die in Iraq and the service they have done for this country.

Anyways that's my little rant...sad that he is gone...but I'm just as sad about anyone dying.

Oh and they say he was 400 million dollars in debt but then I read somewhere he was renting that house he lived in for $100,000 a month??? How does that work??

Thanks for always opening up these discussions. It's fun to hear everyone's opinions!

Amy said...

My all time fav is P.Y.T. I am sad he died, mostly for his kids they seem to love him as much as any kid could love their parent. I do think he acted weird , but mainly because anyone raised the way he was would be the same way. I love his music, not nessisarily him. I hope he can now be at peace and his children can grow up loved an happy!

Ash and Toby said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now, before B was born! I found you through Kelly's Korner and just love your blog! I've never commented before, but I thought i would now! I LOVED MJ's music. It was such apart of my childhood. I even had a MJ doll that my grandparents gave me one Christmas. (wish I still had it now! LOL!)
I was shocked when I heard he had passed away. You just don't expect things like that. He was young. Anyway.... I watched the memorial service. I was curious to how it was going to go. It was handled so much better than I had imagined. I cried during several parts. I,too, was touched when little Paris talked. It made him seem more human.
As for the accusations, I feel it is not for us to judge. He had to answer to God for anything that he might have done. The way I feel, the courts found him not guilty so I think we should treat him as such. You know the law says, "Innocent until proven guilty."
Sorry, this was so long. Just wanted to add my 2 sense for whatever it's worth.
Oh, almost forgot.. I think my favorite song would have to be Man in the Mirror. and We are the World

Leah said...

Isn't Tahoe beautiful? I can't believe my brother lives in such a beautiful place! Gosh!! It was soo cold though and my morning runs were difficult to say the least- 30 degrees and at 8000 feet. Yes, the dress is from Banana! Your family is just beautiful as well!! Aren't you in Fayetteville? I grew up with Jennifer (Brody Francis blog) and that's how I found yours! My husband and I both went to U of A and I miss it up there sooooo much. I would love to move back but there's no oil in Arkansas.... :) (Husband works for oil company haha)

Meg said...

I agree, when Paris spoke it made me cry. Her speech also made me realize there was more to Michael Jackson then what was publicized. I think people are weird and fanatical--you didn't know the guy--move on. I know it is sad that a legend died, but come on he got more publicity then 9/11.

I just don't understand the obsession. People die, day in and day out. It is sad, always is--some are old, some are young. It happens, I don't understand people willing to buy tickets for this funeral/farewell service.

I don't know. I don't by any stretch of the imagination want to come off callous towards death, because I'm not. I just personally do not understand the obsession.

Jessica said...

Thriller is my fav MJ song! And I cry everytime I see the clip of sweet little Paris talking about her Daddy. He may of seemed a bit whacky to us but that was her DADDY and she loved him.

Jen said...

I am with you. I am not sure whether he did or not, and truly, it is not even our place to judge. It's sad that you really didn't get to "know" him until after he died. His little girls testimony totally did it in for me! I can't get his songs out of my mind! I would have to say I have a tie for favorite song...1- 'Black or White'. It became a fav when I was little mainly because of my ethnicity. When I was younger, and still even some in my adult life,occasionally people would ask me, "What are you?" That always irritated me a little so my mom told me to say, "a child of God, just like you." I think I said that once, and the lady looked a bit taken aback! Anyway, my brothers and sister and I were so excited when he came out with this song. Kind of an anthem for bi-racial people! Ha! Anyway, and my 2nd fav is 'Heal the World', because I am cheesy and lovey like that and I just LOVE that song -- always have! He truly tried to make a difference, and I think he had a heart of a child. That's probably why he gravitated toward them. Children are genuine and love you for you, not your wallet! OK..I will now end the LONGEST comment EVER! :)

kim_brough said...

I love what MJ did for music. I like his 'classics' stuff like Billie Jean, Thriller, and Bad and the Jackson 5 songs. I think my favorite for me was Do you Remember? and Blank and White. I was a little older when those came out. Plus I loved the videos! And I guess I wasn't older cause I'm about the same age as Macauley Culkin... and he wasn't 'older' in the video.

Outside of music, I wasn't such a fan. Once people get so weird or out of their zone I tend to loose interest. I will never get over the fact that his youngest goes by BLANKET. Seriously??????? Worst. Nickname. Ever.

As far as the memorial service...I didn't watch it cause I knew I'd see bits & pieces of it for days. I felt like a lot of it (especially Paris' little speech) were... mostly genuine, but in no way should be public. I don't think I should have seen that and honestly felt uncomfy the first time I saw it. Some things should just be private.

What blows my mind more than anything is that he had Diprivan in his house! I'm an ICU nurse and we only give that to pts on a ventilator! More than anything it amazes me that somebody could get him that. I guess people with no integrity who work in healthcare still have no integrity.

Okay, I think this is officially long enough!

kim_brough said...

AND (yes, the long post just got longer) I don't understand why people are coming out the woodwork to be interviewed about MJ. LIke his former nanny, his derm. I don't understand why shows would want them on. But then again, I'm sure all that stuff has zillions of viewers and made zillions of money.

I'm not sure exactly why the media/this country has such a skewed vision of death. Everybody will die. I don't think we need 15 days worth of media coverage for it.

And lastly (for real this time) the sequined gloves made me laugh!

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