Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy B

During the day, B and I usually spend a lot of time in the family room. That's where all his toys are (well, a lot of them anyway) and there is nothing in there that he can really get hurt on. Well, more and more lately, he's wanted to be anywhere but the family room...

So more and more, we are "exploring" the house...

He found the bottled water, and took out of the carton:

Then he found the dogs toys, and hauled out of their bin:

And then he found the blinds...He loooooves to stare out the front windows and watch people walking their dogs, moms pushing strollers, cars going by. He would probably stand there for an hour if there was enough going on!

I love that picture - you can see his little reflection if you look closely!

I guess he's just a busy B!!
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