Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today was Mops Wednesday!

The topic today was organization. Our group talked a little bit about how we stay organized and swapped grocery store tips. I share my passion for using Excel to map out the store. I can't help it...I used Excel for so many things when I worked and I have a slight addiction to it. I have the store organized by how I show it and then the "staple" items that I usually buy every trip (milk, bread, certain fruits and veggie's) in bold and they permanently live on the list. Then I go through and fill everything else in.

So maybe that's a tad on the obsessive compulsive side. But it helps me get in and out of the store quickly - and when you have a busy 14 month old grabbing at everything he can possibly reach, the quicker I get out, the better!!

Today we also did a craft - we made scented lotion! I've never done anything like before, so it was a fun experience.

Now, I'm out the door again. I've got to get Brayden's MDO paperwork notarized and dropped off at church. Sometimes it feels like all I do is run!

Do you have a favorite organization tip you'd like to share? Leave it in the comments so we can all read it!
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