Saturday, March 6, 2010

Label LOVE

So for about 6 weeks now, we've been leaving Brayden in the church nursery while we are in service. Just about every week I get a slip of paper left in my diaper bag that says I need to label all of his things.
So I talked to some friends from church about what to do, since every time I would write his name on his snack cups, it would come off in the dishwasher. They suggested dishwasher safe, vinyl labels.

Now you all know how much I LOVE Etsy, and I found a GREAT shop called Caroline's Labels. She made these adorable labels for B:

I've already put some on a few of his diaper bag staples:
Caroline does great custom designs for her labels and has lots of samples for you to look at. If you have children in church nurseries, MDO or PNO programs, daycare etc., you should really check into getting these great labels for all of their many diaper bag items! It helps out the workers and you are making sure that your child only gets items from their diaper bag! Click here to visit Caroline's Labels!
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