Sunday, March 28, 2010

All About...

Brayden of course!

I quit doing his monthly updates when he turned 1 year old but I decided it was time for a little post all about the Bman.

As of last night he officially broke the 20lb mark (20.2 to be exact).

He wears a size 3 diaper.

I've gotten a lot of sweet comments about the jeans he wears. It looks like he takes after me and has very, very long legs. He can't seem to wear any other brand of jeans than the one I currently buy - they all look like shorts on him.

He can say a lot of words but most of the time he just jabbers.

Each and every time he drops/throws something he yells "Uh-oh!"

He loves wagon rides.

He likes to give kisses.

He loves for his Grammy to count to five for him. He can hold up his "1" finger but then usually skips to "4".

His favorite toy is his baseball bat/golf club. Basically things he can hit other things with.

Throwing his football is a 2nd favorite.

(I have a picture to add, but I can't find my uploading cord. Once I find it I'll add it to the top!).
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