Monday, March 15, 2010

Special Guest at Gymboree!

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Chris was working at home this morning so he went with us to Gymboree!!

Brayden was soooo excited to show off his cool tricks for Daddy:

He showed him how he learned to kick the ball:
How he walks around with his maracas:
How he loves to play teeter totter:
And of course, his favorite thing...pushing the big air tube:
And bubble time!
I think the other moms may have thought it was a little strange that we were both there, and possibly even slightly annoyed at my obsessive picture taking! Ha! That's okay - it was our makeup class, not the class I normally take B to, and I don't know if Chris will ever have the chance to go to a class again, so I wanted to be sure to have lots of pictures!
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