Sunday, March 14, 2010

Froggy Potty

We headed to Target this afternoon - and I managed to leave my list at home. Love it when I do that.

But as we perused the aisles, Chris remembered that I had mentioned picking up a training potty - not that we are anywhere close to potty training, but there was a particular potty I wanted and so, you know, I needed it now.

I present, the Froggy Potty:
I was somewhere - I can't remember if it was MOPS or Playgroup, and there was a froggy potty discussion. I decided then and there (where ever "there" was) that I needed this potty for Brayden.

So we found it at Target (and Chris was shocked that the potty I wanted happened to be one of the least expensive) and grabbed it.

As for my V-8 Splash, a book I was looking for and extra hairspray...I totally managed to forget those. I mean, they are only things I actually needed now. But we managed to get the potty. Priorities.
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