Monday, March 15, 2010

The thing I hate the MOST

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I'm fairly sure we all have a household chore (okay, or a few) that we DREAD.

I thought about this subject while actually doing mine this's a hint...

Yup. Ironing. I am just not any good at it. In fact, and I am not ashamed to admit this, Chris is 100% better at ironing than I am. On Sunday mornings, he usually presses our clothes!

But this morning found me slaving away over the hot iron ... I mean, ironing a few of B's shirt that got wrinkled in the dryer. And my thoughts wandered to how much I despise ironing. My mom irons everything under the sun and actually seems to enjoy it. Or somehow find it relaxing. I did not inherit that gene.

I think I would be able to tolerate it if I was somewhat good at it. I spent (seriously) 15 minutes working on B's dress shirt for Easter. I'm fairly confident that on Easter Sunday, I'll find Chris standing in the hallway re-doing it. After all that time, it really didn't look much different from when I started. I'm a results driven person, and I just didn't see the results. Maybe that's why I like dusting and vacuuming. Things look messy, you dust and vacuum and then things look clean. Cause and effect.

So tell me, what chore do you despise?
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