Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Every Girl's Favorite Topic

As I was watching Jason and Molly's wedding (yeah, I got sucked in....Chris made his protests known from the other room) I was thinking about every girls favorite topic. Wedding dresses. Even if you aren't married yet you've probably flipped through the pages of a Bride's magazine or perused Kleinfeld's website.

I tried on maybe 10-15 dresses. That might even be a high guess. I am a know what I want type of girl. I knew I wanted a full skirt, strapless gown. I ended up choosing an Anne Barge design.

A local dress shoppe was having an Anne Barge trunk show and my mom and I went. There was one dress that was fresh off the runway...only the model had worn it. So, of course I had to try it on if for no other reason than to say I was the second person to ever wear the dress. Ha!! I fell in looooove.

The next day, we brought my Dad in and I showed him a few dresses but I could tell (even though he did his best to seem impartial) that he loved the Anne Barge...well, with one teeny tiny exception. The sample gown was PINK!

Needless to say, I ordered mine in white...the front....

The back...

So tell me about your wedding dress - and if you aren't married, find one you love online and tell me about it!
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