Tuesday, August 31, 2010

27 Weeks (Then & Now) & A Winner

First things first, the winner of the Stella & Dot giveaway is... Caroline! Just email me your info to EmailJennasJourney@gmail.com!! Congratulations!

27 Weeks with Brayden:

27 Weeks with Brody:
How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Size of baby: 2 lbs,14 1/2 inches and the size of a head of cauliflower.
Maternity Clothes: I wear a combo of maternity and regular clothes. It just depends on the outfit!
Gender: BOY! (Brody)
Movement: Yes - I felt movement VERY early on (12-13 weeks). Chris has also felt him move.
What I miss: Nothing really.
Sleep: I get up about 3-5 times per night.
Symptoms: I still take a Zofran in the morning but other than that I'm okay.

I had an OB appointment today. Tonight our nurse called because my infection has gotten worse (even though the blood count has gotten better) and they don't know why since I've been on so many antibiotics. So, they've decided to send me for a kidney ultrasound. I think they are looking to see if my kidneys are swollen or if there are stones. I should hear from them tomorrow on when I go in - but they want it to be ASAP.

Another thing we learned is that a Neonatologist will be present for my delivery to examine Brody. We think it's going to be one that I know (he treated Brayden at one point) which is great because I really, really like him and trust him (so does Chris). This is just a precaution...they don't anticipate anything going wrong but everyone wants to be prepared.

And because my child is a HUGE HAM, he only let me take one pic without him! Ha! So here is one with him in it!
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