Friday, August 27, 2010

Brody's Echo Cardiogram

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I forgot to give an update on Brody's echo. We found out that a satellite office that is only 25 min's away can do the echo for us. We will be on a video conference with UAMS (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) doctors in Little Rock. From the paperwork they sent me it looks like it will be a cardiologist as well as a genetic counselor (I had has months ago if I should meet with a genetic counselor but my former OB suggested against it).

Two great things - one, we won't have to drive all the way to Little Rock. Two, because it will be done via video conference, the doctors will give me the full report right there and then. I will actually know the results of all the testing they do before my new OB does.

After doing a lot of research myself, I think I've figured out what they are going to be specifically looking for. Brayden had PPHN, which is a non-genetic condition, and it only affects 500-1500 infants per year, so it's very, very rare. I've spent hours looking for any sibling recurrence of PPHN to see if Brody stands a higher chance of being born with it, but haven't found anything.

There is a small part of the heart that I had never heard of that seems to be correlated with PPHN. I have a feeling that will be part of what they are checking, although I can't figure out exactly why since PPHN doesn't present itself until after birth. Also, my mom and I both have heart conditions that they are going to be looking for (though if he has them, it shouldn't pose any risk to him).

My appointment will be on September the 21st.
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