Sunday, August 15, 2010


I was MIA because for once I had nothing to blog about! Ha!

Today is Sunday and so we started our day out at church. Brayden has decided that he no longer wants to go to the nursery, so he screamed when I dropped him off which I hate! When we went to go pick him up he was still screaming! I really hate that! But our church will put a number up on the screen if they think your child needs you and ours never flashed so I'm hoping he was just crying to let me know he really didn't want to be there, but played while I was gone!

After church we went with my Dad to Copelands. My Mom wasn't there today because her back was out. =( We had a great lunch and then came home so B could take his nap. We've been watching Big Brother 11 (Jeff and Jordan's season) on YouTube and we are hooked!

Around 1:45 I left to go to Jennifer's shower...I had uploaded a new GPS app on my phone and was using that to find my way to Julee's house. Well, the app messed up and instead of taking me to her house, just took me to the start of her zip code! How weird is that?! I called Sara and she helped me find my way there!! Unfortunately I ended up being really late which is totally not me!! I'm usually the early one!

Here's Melissa, Jennifer and her sister Jill while Jennifer's opening gifts:

Jillian's sweet banner:
The yummy food (Notice half of it is gone because I was late! There was a top tier to the cake!)
And when I got home, Chris and B had baked me cookies and bought me the sweetest card!! I am so blessed to have my boys!
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