Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Monday

Today was such a lazy day which is totally fine because I have something planned for each day during the rest of this week!

The only real thing we did was "art time." I should point out that I am artistically challenged. Like, I can't draw a stick figure. Chris is better but neither of us are what I would call artistically inclined.

So after B had taken his nap, I let him draw during snack time. Riveting, I know.

He had a great time, and then let me know he was done by chucking his crayons at my head. Good times.
The above picture was "pre-chuck."

His other new favorite thing to do is sing. Unfortunately for him, it sounds like he took after Chris and I...which means the poor thing can't carry a tune in a bucket. Who knows, that might change! The little songs he sings are sooo cute. He hums and babbles and then throws in his favorite words (ahem...Mommy!).
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