Friday, August 13, 2010

Couponing 101

Coupons! I'm seriously getting addicted to this. Thankfully, Chris is okay with that.

I read on a site that one woman felt that couponing was one way to be a good steward with what God has given you. I thought that was a pretty intriguing statement because I'd never thought of it that way, but by saving money on products, we then have more money to give, whether it be to an organization, a benevolence fund, a mission project etc.

So, I've been reading and learning and researching on how to use coupons (if you couldn't tell from my last post). In this post, I'm just going to share the resources that I've found the most valuable information at. If you're like me and want to know the stores policy on coupons before going, I recommend checking out the Hot Coupon World site - they have have most policies and lots of info by store.

This first one is a little different. If you collect Huggies Rewards, this site has about 50 points in free codes:

Click here to get a free Home Made Simple coupon book with coupons for items like Febreeze, Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean and Swiffer.

Go here to print off lots of great coupons. I got some of my Huggies coupons and Colgate coupons here.

Did you know that Walgreens will let you print coupons off of their website? Also, be sure to pick up their monthly coupon book at the register. It's free!

Before I went to Walgreens, I watched these two videos from Hip2Save's website. She actually takes you shopping with her so that you can see how a pro does it.

And there's also some great videos from The "Cent"sible Sawyer.

I go to MOPS with Heather and she has a great site with lots of valuable info. Just click here.

Last but not least is the Money Saving Mom. This link will take you to a $3 off Huggies coupon but you need to explore the whole site!

I hope this will help those of you who are also new to couponing! Let me know your successes!!

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