Thursday, August 5, 2010

Because uneventful pregnancies are not for me...

My doctor's office thinks I have kidney stones. For real?? I guess I am not cut out for an uneventful pregnancy.

I don't know anyone whose had them - at least not while pregnant. So I did what any normal person would do and I googled it. And words like "preterm labor" came up. Um, no thank you. So I called my doctor back and they are waiting for more test results but they won't come in until Monday. I don't have my next appointment until Thursday.

I was told to "lay down, rest and drink water." The drink water part I can handle. The lay down and rest I can handle when Chris is home or during B's nap, but not all the time!

So who has experience with kidney stones during pregnancy? What can you tell me? I'm not in that much pain - at least not now, but I read that that will probably change if my diagnosis is correct. I am just a teeny bit freaked out over all this.
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