Monday, August 30, 2010

Maternity Style

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I've gotten a few questions about where I've been buying my maternity clothes, so I thought I'd just do a little post! Normally, I am sort of weird about clothes. I like to find things that are a little bit different and not everyone has. I'm not a big internet shopper because it seems like if I buy it on the internet, it never fits!

This is one of my favorite maternity shirts. I can already see that I might end up wearing it after Brody is here. I found it at a local boutique for 75% off so I couldn't pass it up!

This might make you laugh, but my next two shirts are from...

TARGET! I think they have some really cute and super inexpensive maternity shirts. I have the orange shirt below in purple as well and another tank similar to the one above in blue. The detail on the one above is actually zippers!
I have several things from Motherhood because our maternity selection in Arkansas, to say the least. Incredibly limited. The green shirt below is from Motherhood (the white tee is one of my non-maternity tees from Banana Republic) and most of the dresses you've seen me in that are maternity are also from Motherhood. I also still wear a lot of my non-maternity dresses.
I've said in my weekly posts that I still mix in a fair amount of non-maternity items. The next two outfits are good examples.

The below is an outfit my mom picked up for me at Nordstroms. The shirt is a gray sleeveless silk.
And this shirt is from the Buckle. It's probably the one I've gotten stopped for the most and asked where it came from! A couple of moms in Motherhood asked me one day while I was shopping so I told them and they left to go shopping there! I think the salesperson was a little miffed at me!
Another question I've gotten is about my jeans. With Brayden I used a Bella Band with my regular jeans for a long time. This time, because I'm bending and lifting B so much, I just went straight into the maternity jeans. It's just a lot easier for me. I have REALLY long legs. Like, annoyingly, ridiculously long and hard to buy pants for legs. Since I was a teenager I've always had to buy the more expensive brands because of length issues. So my maternity jeans are from Citizens of Humanity, Seven for All Mankind and I do actually have a pair of Gap Long and Lean's that fit. For winter, I have a cheapie pair from Motherhood that I bought on sale for $10 and I tuck them into my Uggs (because they literally hit me mid-calf!).

Well, I hope that answers your questions! Let me know if there was something specific that you wanted to know where it came from!
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