Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 Hours Later...

I've added the 25 week picture to the below post!

I thought that would be a fun title for this post being as that is how long we were at the doctors office today! Yes, almost 4 hours! (Technically, 3 hours, 40 mins...but whose counting?!).

Ooookay. So as you learned in the last post I decided to change doctors, clinics and hospitals. That was not an easy decision for me. I really liked my doctor and enjoyed that is was close by. I did not really like the hospital so that part was a little easier.

So I ended up making the tough decision to change. A lot of my friends go to another clinic/doctor/hospital so after talking with many of them, that's where I decided to switch to.

So today I met with a business office person to handle my transfer, 2 nurses and my new doctor. Giving my history took about an hour and a half! There was a lot to cover with regards to all my infertility treatments and then Brayden's PPHN.

Once we met with the doctor, I knew right away that I liked her. She's a straight shooter and VERY proactive. She had her nurse call Arkansas Children's (where Brayden was) and talk to a doctor there. They decided that it would be in our best interest to have a fetal echo cardiogram done on Brody. I will probably have to go to Little Rock to have this done and it will probably be done very soon, perhaps in the next week. There isn't a great concern that there is something wrong with Brody, this is more a precautionary measure. They are also doing some more testing to figure out the blood situation.

I go back in less than 2 weeks for another appointment and hopefully we will have more answers. So far I feel like we did 100% the right thing by switching. They are being really, really proactive and taking things very seriously. My c-section date may change, but I won't know that for a few more weeks.

Thank you all so much for your concern and your prayers! I'll keep you updated!
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