Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st Birthday Part Two (of Three)

We took B to PF Changs last night for a birthday dinner with just Chris and I.

He like celery...I can't quite believe it.

We used to eat at PF Changs a lot when we were in Little Rock with him because it was literally next door to our hotel. If it hadn't have been like 20 degrees the whole time we were there, we could have walked.

Brayden with his birthday dessert and candle!

We sang Happy Birthday to him and he just started at us like we were totally crazy. I wonder what he will think on Saturday! I think everyone at the restaurant was just thrilled that I kept taking pictures with my flash continually going off!

I have one more birthday post coming, with pictures and details from today, but as I'm not sure when we will get home, it may not get written until tomorrow.


Meg said...

How fun! He is such a cutie (so is your hubby!). I loved the last two posts, I can't believe he has so many words--12 months?!?! That is crazy.

Kodi said...

Happy Birthday B!

That is asparagus, not celery! :)

And, where did you get that cute pacifier clip? I loveeee it!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!! That picture with the celery is the best.

Taylor said...

I was listening to KLRC on my way home from work tonight and I heard them do a birthday announcement for Brayden from his grandparents!! It was so cute and when they said his name and talked about him being at ACH for 5 weeks I was like "I know (of) him!!"

So neat!!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Brayden! In that first picture Brayden look JUST like you!

Lauren said...

So sweet!!!! :)

Hattie said...

Happy Birthday little guy! Too cute!

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