Saturday, January 16, 2010

1st Birthday PARTY!!!!

Today was B's very first birthday party! We had a small family party with just my parents, brother, grandma and Chris' mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, brother and step sister. Whew.

I ordered B a smash cake of the hat from Cat in the Hat. Well, it came out a little ... large! It was tasty though!

Red velvet cupcakes adorned with red icing and white cake cupcakes dyed blue, with blue icing.
B's 12 months of pictures...
The mantle - those are Chris' Dr. Seuss books from when he was little. His mom Lori gave them to us recently and they were perfect!
The dessert table:
The food table:
His birthday banner:
When B woke up from his nap, Chris and I went to get him and put him in his birthday outfit. His shirt says "B" with Brayden written across it, and the circle around it says "Oh what fun, Brayden is ONE!"
We were singing happy birthday to him. He couldn't quite figure out what was going on!
Since the cake was too big to give him, I cut off the top layer and let him at it!
Family pic! He was laughing hysterically at me!
I am exhausted! It was SO much fun, and we all had such a great time! More later, I'm sure!
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